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Giacomo Santiago Rogado. Out of sight

11. May – 01. December 2024
Photo: David Aebi
Photo: David Aebi
Photo: David Aebi
Photo: David Aebi

Giacomo Santiago Rogado is a Swiss artist of Italian-Spanish descent who unites in his works a wide variety of painterly traditions while making use of new tools, techniques and materials to probe in-depth the possibilities, limits and conditions of contemporary painting. In his nearly twenty years as a painter, Rogado has produced an extensive body of work that has never before been presented in a survey exhibition. He is furthermore the first artist to be featured simultaneously at both the Thunerhof and Thun-Panorama. Across an area of over 1000 square metres, Rogado will respond directly to the specific challenges of each exhibition venue. In the glazed extension to the Thun Panorama, he works with both the interior and exterior space, the idyllic Schadaupark. An expansive installation allows visitors to immerse themselves in the pictorial space. At the same time, the work expands into another dimension in dialog with its surroundings.

Curation: Helen Hirsch, director Kunstmuseum Thun

Duration of the exhibition in Kunstmuseum Thun: 11 May to 28 July 2024

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